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Schnoor, Evelyn L. SCHNOOEL at ihs.org
Mon Jul 27 06:14:05 PDT 2009

We are in process on implementation of a formal sepsis management
program at Iowa Health - Des Moines as part of our corporate Iowa Health
System sepsis initiative.  Our Des Moines screening plan: the sepsis
screening tool will be a permanent part of the medical record & signed
by the ED physician (draft attached).  This approach is a result of
discussion with our internal RAC team.  It starts appropriate physician
& staff documentation at the point of service.  It will be on a pastel
pink paper & stored in the ED records of our paper medical record (yes,
we're still part paper & EMR).  We will begin implementation in
September along with a sepsis treatment order set currently being
developed under the leadership of one our trauma surgeon intensivists
who is highly engaged.


If the patient is screened in the ED, but responds appropriately to
therapy & is admitted to a general med/surg area, we will have a visual
cue, pink paper, to all staff the patient had been screened at point of
service.  Part of the required communication handoff documented on the
sepsis screening tool specifically addresses the handoff communication
has occurred by whom & with whom on the receiving end.  In the event of
a RRT call, the RRT team will have been taught to scan the chart for the
"pink paper".  We are currently in process of building approved RRT
protocols internally, of which sepsis is a separate protocol.  Though
our RRT previously provided some of the appropriate care, they were
practicing "bare" for most types of RRT responses.  Thus, formalization
of their protocols under a medically sanctioned Orders Approval
Committee became necessary.  


Evelyn Schnoor, MSN, RN, ARNP, ACNS-BC

Quality Improvement Coordinator, IH-DM

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Yes, we have added sepsis screening as part of the rapid response team

Lana Melnik, RN BSN

Performance Improvement Coordinator

Tacoma, WA



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Does the Rapid Response team in your hospital capture a lot of septic
patients and improve interventions early that would enhance positive
patient outcomes.


Glenn Howell MSN

Quality Improvement Coordinator

Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center

Phone: (336) 716-5047

E-Mail: ghowell at wfubmc.edu




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